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Sweet Life: Weekend Recap | Beautiful Boston

Here is my weekend recap for this past week/weekend, (5/19-5/22). It started off with a pick me up from Mother Juice at the Boston Public Market. I am committed to this life of balance and to kick start this commitment, my boyfriend and I are doing my own version of the 7-day clean program.

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As part of my new “A Balanced Life” series that will be starting up this Saturday, I interviewed my new friend, Gabby Mbeki, of First and Warren (can’t wait for you guys to read her inspiring interview!) at this lovely little coffee shop, Render Coffee. We all know I am not a coffee girl, so I got a delicious iced tea instead. The space is just gorgeous. The art on the wall is amazing and provided me with great gallery wall inspo for my apartment. It’s also a great space to hold some kind of blogger event (hmmmm….).

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Since my boyfriend and I are doing a 7-day clean program type cleanse, we are eating as clean as possible while having 2 smoothies a day filled with greens, seeds and nut butters etc. to aid our bodies in performing to the best of its ability.

Our date night meal didn’t look like it usually does (think fries, BBQ, burgers etc.), but we stopped into Stephi’s in Southie and we shared a colorfully delicious chicken lettuce wrap dish and I had a salmon salad for my main entree.


Sunday turned out to be the best day of my weekend. Days when you expect to do nothing but clean your house and sit on the couch, but an unexpected adventure ensues instead are always the best days.

The night before, I told my boyfriend I wanted to go to Jugos Boston Sunday morning, as I’ve been dying to try out some of their juices, but he was a little reluctant. (he’s not as amped about green juice and superfoods as I am). I woke up on Sunday ready to go to Jugos but could tell my boyfriend didn’t really want to go, and as fate would have it, my friend Annie (who I’ve mentioned a ton of times on this blog) texted me asking to go to Jugos. Talk about ESP!

Annie and I went on a little adventure and got some goodies at Jugos and then roamed around Boston hitting up Back Bay, strolling down Newbury St, making a pit stop in Kiehls for some new skincare products (review to come in the next couple of months), and then ended our stroll in Faneuil Hall.


At Kiehls I found out that my skin is not combination skin, rather, I have normal to oily skin. *Mind-blown*. I would def recommend getting your skin tested to see exactly what skin type you have as it is imperative that you purchase skincare products that target your specific skin type. You don’t want to buy products for dry skin, when you actually have very oily skin.


Boston, you’re gorgeous, and I am proud to call you home. Thank you for a great and relaxing weekend.




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